World's leading air passenger data specialist

World's leading air passenger data specialist

We are a primary source of airport actuals and specialists in air passenger data since 1990

We are Big Data specialists working in the Travel Sector

We specialise in passenger data and are the only organisation in the world to do what we do and with the scope that we do it.
Passenger Data

We collect, model and forecast passenger data over 10 databases. We are a primary data source in our own right.


We run standalone data and analysis consultancy sessions tailored to your team, in person and online.

Analysis & Analytics

Use decades of expertise to interpret and communicate meaningful data patterns. Get access to our unique data briefings.

Custom Client Websites

All of our products are accessible via private, dedicated websites for each client team, with customisation options.

Custom Client Databases

Air4casts offers multiple options for data access and extraction, including Direct Database Access.

Custom Mobile Data

Air4casts offers mobile data access through our iPhone App, which can also be customised, like our websites.

For the kinds of data we supply, please scroll down. Or click here for more information on the kinds of services we offer.

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“Whilst these Hainan December statistics are extremely encouraging there is a note of caution for the situation in January. Weekly air passenger statistics from Hainan’s biggest airport, Haikou Meilan, are showing signs of considerable easing. In each of the four weeks of January the airport’s passenger counts have been significantly down on last year and declining as the month progresses.”
-Hainan Sales Strong in December but Caution for January | 28th January 2021
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities... ...and two major international airports which back in 2019 found themselves at opposite ends of the world’s top 20. .....
The Affluent Chinese Traveller Survey
The Affluent Chinese Traveller Survey
Back after the Covid years, the Air4casts quarterly rolling survey of 1000 affluent Chinese travellers returned in full in Quarter 4 of last year to t.....
Year of the Dragon Breaks all Hainan Records
Year of the Dragon Breaks all Hainan Records
The best Chinese New Year since records began is the message from Hainan’s biggest airport, Haikou Meilan. Passenger numbers at the airport this.....
The Unstoppable American Traveller
The Unstoppable American Traveller
Spare a Thought for Delta’s Ed Bastian. He has clearly not been reading his Travel Retail press.   The CEO of Delta Airlines gives.....
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