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Our Story and Experience

Air4casts was established in 1990 by a small group of marketing, consulting and systems professionals.

They shared business backgrounds in Beverages, Cosmetics, Fashion, Oil and Management Consultancy.

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They came together to offer a unique forecasting, analysis and research service for the Aviation and Travel Retail Industries.

Today Air4casts is run by a tight-knit team of highly-qualified and multi-lingual Travel Retail and Analytics specialists with 30 years’ experience and industry partnerships.

We have been collecting data, forecasting and polling for three decades.

Our experience of the financial, strategic and creative aspects of Travel Retail is superbly well-founded. We advise companies from every product category.

Some Reasons To Work Together
01.We're unique

Air4casts is unique in Travel Retail. We are unparalleled in experience, breadth of data provision, qualifications, partnerships, approach, customisability and convenience.

02.Scope of services

Air4casts is an acknowledged leader in air passenger forecasting, research and consulting. The breadth and depth of data available from Air4casts is unmatched.


Our forecasting is produced using custom software and analysed by a dedicated team every month. Our products are always based on raw data collection and sophisticated data modelling. Air4casts also has total data integrity and transparency.


We are dedicated to making big, complex data as easy to use as possible, with multi-platform data presentation, intuitive data navigation, beautiful, custom analytics and weekly, industry-specific newsletters, not to mention out 24/7 Support Team.

There are a lot of different ways we can help you
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Data Collection

Air4casts is a primary data source, and the only organisation in the world to hold the particular data that we do.


We forecast in-house on custom software monthly at a minimum, using multiple layers of data for absolute rigour.


Use our decades of expertise and our consultancy to discover, interpret and communicate meaningful data patterns.

Custom Client Websites

All of our products are accessible via private, dedicated websites for each client team, with customisation options.

Custom Client Databases

Air4casts offers multiple options for data access and extraction, including Direct Database Access.

Custom Mobile Data

Air4casts offers mobile data access through our iPhone App, which can also be customised, like our websites.

Data Solutions

We can create custom data solutions, consultancy, specialised projects and access solutions for any team.


We run standalone data and analysis consultancy sessions tailored to your team, in person and online.

Sample Size Calculation

For any client using consumer research, Air4casts can provide and analyse sample size calculations to indicate error margins.

Custom Analysis

Air4casts writes unique, detailed analysis for all clients daily and weekly as standard, but we can customise this too.

Risk Pricing

Get access to error ranges, vary confidence limits by airport and passenger type and know potential downside exposures.

Weekly Newsletters

Get access to our unique, data focussed briefings for clients only, written on the data we handle and how to interpret it.



Air4casts offers a range of air passenger data packages, presented on dedicated websites for your team online and in mobile app form, with full download and report writing options.



We offer the option to pull data directly onto your own servers, and manage it alongside your company’s other Big Data projects. We’ll find the Big Data solution that’s right for your team.



Air4casts offers consultancy as part of any data package, to advise, train, teach and inspire as you use your data to make decisions, but we also provide standalone consultancy sessions.



We believe that hard, rigorous data is paramount, but that context is key, and we use our decades of expertise to inform our clients with the most up to date, exclusive written analysis.

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